"Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed.  Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and ... know nothing but the word of God."
— Martin Luther

"... we must drive them [Jews] out like mad dogs, so that we do not become partakers of their abominable blasphemy and all the their other vices and thus merit God's wrath and be damned with them."
— Martin Luther, "On the Jews and Their Lies", 1543

"There is another form of temptation, even more fraught with danger.  This is the disease of curiosity.  It is this which drives us to try and discover the secrets of nature, those secrets which are beyond our understanding, which can avail us nothing and which man should not wish to learn."
— St. Augustine (354 - 430), one of the "great" church fathers, Confessions

"The opinion formulated by the Church has more value in my eyes than human reasons, whatever they may be."
— Desiderius Erasmus, 1466 – 1536, Response to the Censure of the Theology Faculty at Paris, 9.864; M 241

"We should always be disposed to believe that which appears to us to be white is really black, if the hierarchy of the church so decides."
— St. Ignatius Loyola, 1491 – 1556

"I do further promise and declare, that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do and to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth, and that I will spare neither sex, age nor condition and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the wall, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race."
— Pope Paul III, 1576

"…the right of holding slaves is clearly established in the Holy Scriptures, both by precept and example… Had the holding of slaves been a moral evil, it cannot be supposed that the inspired Apostles … would have tolerated it for a moment in the Christian Church.  In proving this subject justifiable by Scriptural authority [Luke 12:47], its morality is also proved; for the Divine Law never sanctions immoral actions."
— Richard Furman, Baptist State Convention, letter to South Carolina Governor, 1822

"Kill them all, for God knows His own."
— Pope Innocent III, to his troops in the Albigensian Crusade of 1209

"I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator."
— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 46

"The fact that the Catholic Church has come to an agreement with Fascist Italy ... proves beyond doubt that the Fascist world of ideas is closer to Christianity than those of Jewish liberalism or even atheistic Marxism..."
— Adolf Hitler in an article in the V√∂lkischer Beobachter, 1929

"As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the Catholic Church has adopted for fifteen hundred years, when it has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos etc., because it knew what the Jews were like.  I don't put race above religion, but I do see the danger in the representatives of this race for Church and State, and perhaps I am doing Christianity a great service."
— Adolf Hitler

Note that Adolf Hitler was never excommunicated or in any other way officially censured by the Catholic Church.  The only high-ranking Catholic Nazi to be excommunicated was Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels — because he married a divorced Protestant woman.

"We don't have to protect the environment — the Second Coming is at hand."
— James Watt, Interior Secretary under Ronald Reagan 1980s

"What happened to California will release a spirit that is more demonic than Islam, a spirit of lawlessness and anarchy. And a sexual insanity will be unleashed into the Earth."
— Lou Engle, Christian visionary, in response to legalization of same-sex marriage in California in 2008

"I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots.  This is one nation under God."
— President George H.W. Bush


The answer lies in the holy books

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."
— Proverbs 22:6

 Because we were to small to think for ourselves!

Is Islam different?

"The spread of Islam was military. There is a tendency to apologize for this and we should not. It is one of the injunctions of the Qur'an that you must fight to spread Islam."
— Dr. Ali Issa Othman, Islamic Scholar

Qur'an (4:89) - "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them"