"IN GOD WE TRUST," on coins that represent our labor and our endeavor, is an insult to the intelligence, courage and independence of the people,and a stinging rebuke to those responsible for our progress.
      A motto that more truthfully represents our material progress and intellectual develment would be: "In Science We Trust;" or, "Humanity and Justice Our Aim."

      The more we eliminate God from us, the more we are one without him, the better for us all, the better for humanity, the better for all the world. The less we "know" of God, the less God that is "in us," the more human we become.

     The greatest, most frightful and destructive wars of all time have been those which were started in "defense" of God, as if "he" cared what man says or does.

    The most frightful and torturous instruments ever conceived by man are those that were made to force people to "believe in" God.

    The history of religious persecution and torture is the horror of the world.

    May I ask, where was God, and what did he do, to stop this frightful nightmare of torture committed in "his" name?
   And may I answer for you, that he was where Moses was when the light went out?

    Remember this: There will never be a solution to any of fundamental problems, and mankind will never, in the full sense of the word, be free, as long as there exists in the human mind the insanity of religious belief. As long as God occupies a portion of our thoughts, mankind must be content to suffer hatred and antagonism of man.
   Let us make up our minds now, let us resolve now, to stop fighting one another, and fight God by helping one another.
   Let us stop fighting our fellow prisoners and fellow sufferers, and fight God.

   Let us cleanse our minds of this superstitious poison of an "after lifer," and work and labor for the good and welfare of Here and Now.
   We possess the knowledge and the means and, within the span of only one day, could bring about the much-longed-for "Brotherhood of Man."
   We could eliminate hatred from our hearts, and instill Justice as our guide. We could eradicate poverty from our midst and bring happiness to sorrowing mankind. we could blot out  tyranny among man and  exchange it for priceless legacy of freedom and make the relation between man and man bear some semblance of humanity.

   But-and I say this with redoubled conviction, and with all the power, force, energy and vehemence that I possess-if we are Nature's best endeavor, if man is Nature's best product, if the Natural world is incapable of any improvement, and life will forever be made submit to the tyrannical conditions of Nature, then it were better ten thousand times over, that life were never called into existence, and the universe were null and void!