The following excerpts from "God's advertisements" are proof that one can make good money on ones beliefs even in 21st century. It really doesn't come as a surprise if we remind ourselves that from the day one religion served purpose of money and power. What I cannot understand is that even in an era of science and technology and great discoveries mankind is still willing to "buy" anything that is "God related".

       Ad from Campmeeting.com (Inspiration Chapel) found on

                                 BET - Black Entertainment Television

$273 Uncommon Seed. Price: $273.00. request now! Silver Sol Starter Kit ... I tell people, “The greatest miracle of all is salvation! .... In 2 Corinthians 9, Paul the apostle—writing under the inspiration of the Holy .... As you plant seed toward proclaiming salvation to the nations, your future is healthier than ...
Today, sow your most generous seed as an act of faith to bring the Gospel back into your giving. I am leaving for Israel next week, and I have planned a special time of intercession with prayer partners from around the world at our Miracle Prayer Center in Jerusalem. So as you plant your most generous seed today, be sure to include your most urgent prayer requests. As you sow your seed, seeking the kingdom first with your giving, remember that God gives seed to the sower. Release your seed for the Gospel today from your hand and ask for Him to give you supernatural financial freedom as He multiplies your seed abundantly!Sow your best seed online now, or call 1-800-433-1900. Then watch what God does in your life!

If with $273 "miracle seeds" you don't achieve desired result by Benny Hinn's  book ($100 only) with instructions on how to do it!
If you are still not satisfied just choose one of  his top ten products

Top 10

  1. Prayer, Recovery, and Provision 3-Book Offer by Benny Hinn
  2. "You Are a Soul Winner" & "The Greatest Miracle"
  3. Household Salvation Prayer Shawl
  4. How to Transfer the Anointing, 3-Part Teaching DVD, by Benny Hinn
  5. Atmosphere for Healing: 2 CD's
  6. Atmosphere for Healing: A Fresh Anointing
  7. Dake Bible: Black Large Print Bonded Leather.
  8. How to Pray for the Salvation of Your Lost Loved Ones
  9. Suddenly from Heaven, Teaching DVD Series, by Benny Hinn
  10. Behold the King: Live from Jerusalem

or go to "God's" Youtube - Godtube and be inspired by "God's rap"
that will help you to make a righ choice - God!
(not science, not critical thinking, not knowledge and facts)

"Working" as God's employees pays!

                                   Benny Hinn's mansion

Pope's "house"

Bible says that God "love" is reserved for the poor  (ops, forgot to tell the poor will be rewarded in "afterlife")

I am sure that this people didn't plant a miraculous seed! Yep. Their bad.

Guess who has read the inspirational book and planted miraculous seed?

If you don't want to live without God's blessings use the service of PrayerFx, God's employees will pray for you

Note: if this (prayers) doesn't work don't blame God's workers because sometimes "God works in mysterious ways"!

Sometimes people simple don't recognize good in God's work but this is because they don't "believe enough" and "dare" to question God. But who are they to question God?
"God knows the best", he knows why something is good for you even when you don't have a clue!